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Guidelines & Information

This page is routinely updated with qualification information for New Jersey Medicaid.

This is to be used for informational purposes only.

The current "look-back" period is five years for long term care Medicaid.

To find out if a transfer of assets is permitted under the Medicaid statutes and regulations, contact us for a consultation.

Last updated: May 2022


Married Persons

Countable Assets:

       $4,000 for Community Medicaid

       $2,000 for long term care

Income Limits: $1,506.25 or more monthly

Countable Assets: 

        One spouse on Medicaid:

        Both spouses on Medicaid: $3,000

Community Spouse Resource Allowance:

        Minimum: $26,076

        Maximum: $130,380

Primary Residence Equity Limit: $906,000

Income Limits (monthly): 

        One spouse on Medicaid:

            $1,073 for Community Medicaid

            $2,382 or more for Long Term Care

        Both spouses on Medicaid:

             $1,452  for Community Medicaid

Monthly Maintenance Allowance

        Minimum: $ 2,155

        Maximum: $

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