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Elder Law

This area is essentially a combination of two types legal planning: Estate Planning and Medicaid Planning. In order to retain control of decisions made for both health and financial purposes, Elder Law planning usually includes the preparation of the client’s Estate Plan and then examining specific health and financial circumstances that the client could potentially encounter as they age to determine how to protect the assets they have acquired during life for the benefit of their loved ones.

Your process begins with an in-depth and deeply informative consultation meeting with your LESS Law attorney who will review and discuss all of your financial and medical concerns, as well as retirement income,  reverse mortgages, the ability to pay for long-term care, and the availability and variety of alternative living arrangements. From there, your attorney will prepare a road map of the documents that you need and the steps that need to be taken to effectuate your plan. 

Services Provided

  • Estate Planning services

  • Education of Medicaid vs. Medicare

  • Long Term Care Insurance review

  • Preparing a plan for affording long term care needs

  • Veterans Benefits analysis

  • Guardianship

  • Conservatorship

  • Medicaid Application Services

More Information

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