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Estate Administration

There are three areas of Estate Administration: Probate of a Last Will and Testament, Administration of an Intestate Estate, and Trust Administration. The attorneys at LESS Law, LLC provide comforting support and advice to help streamline the administration process and manage the legal technicalities to guide the assets of the estate to the intended beneficiaries.

When finding yourself in the role of Executor, Administrator, or Trustee, you can request a consultation meeting with one of our attorneys who will review and discuss all of the estate assets, taxable implications, and beneficiary concerns. Your attorney and our staff will provide personalized assistance to help you manage this new role effectively and with as little stress as possible.

Services Provided

  • Probate Application

  • Surrogate Court Filings

  • Intestacy Application

  • Disclaimers

  • Beneficiary Notification

  • NJ Inheritance Tax Preparation

  • Federal and State Estate Tax Preparation

  • Inheritance and Estate Tax Audits

  • Deed Transfers

  • Asset searches

  • Ancillary Probate

  • New Jersey Form L-8, L-9, and L-4 filings

  • Beneficiary Representation

More Information

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