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Litigation & Disputes

There are times when circumstances or family dynamics may cause crisis and uncertainty which require legal intervention. Perhaps doubt has been cast on a deceased loved one's true intentions, an overbearing relative has exhibited dominance over a vulnerable elder, a person refuses to probate a Will because it disfavors that person, or poorly drafted legal document has created a host of legal issues that require a judge's advice and direction.

When the attorney or court intervention cannot be avoided, our clients can be assured that we will represent their interests competently, confidently, and compassionately to achieve the best results possible in equity and law. We represent Executors or Trustees that are having difficulty administering the estate and defend them from overbearing beneficiaries. We also represent beneficiaries when the Executor or Trustee is exhibiting behaviors or omissions that violate its statutory duty to administer assets for the benefit of the estate, trespass to property, or a Medicaid Fair Hearing where benefits have been denied.

Services Provided

  • Undue Influence

  • Medicaid Fair Hearings

  • Elder Theft prevention

  • Disputed Guardianship 

  • Beneficiary Representation

  • Remediating wrongs by predatory home or service contractors.

More Information

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